Tierra Womack

Tierra Womack MBA, founder of The Brave Way, is a multi-platform, serial mompreneur of 16 years whose businesses have generated over 7 figures.

As a Business Growth Specialist, Confidence & Wealth Coach, Tierra helps female surTHRIVErs of narcissistic abuse rediscover themselves, find their purpose & achieve financial freedom by learning how to turn their expertise/passion into profitable, soul-based businesses.

Tierra is passionate about helping women coming out of narcisssistic abusive marriages because she knows how challenging it can be to rebuild after this high conflict relationship ends.

​As an international speaker & transformational coach, Tierra loves to inspire women to overcome lack of self-worth and elevate financially, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She has dedicated herself to teaching women how to achieve greater success, freedom and happiness.

Paulette Rigo

As Founder of Better Divorce Academy she breaks down divorce from the earliest stages of contemplation to the necessary final steps of healing using practical tools, inspiration, and a proven mediation/negotiation model.

Her specialty is working with high-achieving professional and entrepreneurial women in high-conflict narcissistic abuse divorce cases. Her community saves time, money, heartache and is changing the landscape and outcome of the divorce journey for every family member, particularly the children.

Better Divorce Academy is an organization dedicated to helping create a better story for everyone involved no matter what the conflict. She’s a best-selling author of Better Divorce Blueprint, Host of The Thriving in Chaos Project Podcast and co-creator of How To Divorce A Narcissist, a recognized Fortune 500, divorce and mediation consultant, educator, speaker with a passion for attacking challenging relationship, marriage and divorce positions.

As a Credentialed Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach, Paulette specializes in mediating and coaching women through high-conflict, domestic violence and narcissistic divorce cases.

About the expert

Brittany M. Dixon, Esq.

While sometimes a breakup is inevitable, Attorney Brittany M. Dixon, Esq. encourages all her clients to consider it as their last option and provides resources on how to maintain healthy familial relationships.

As founder of The Litigation Corner, LLC. Attorney Dixon understands that its important for your attorney to be empathetic, sound in judgment, and transparent throughout the entire process. You can count on The Litigation Corner to offer innovation and creativity when crafting your legal strategy and always provide quality representation. We step in the ring, so you don’t have to.


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